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Fed Ex

Los Angeles International Airport.

Increased freight demand necessitated the expansion of the Federal Express freight/cargo facility at Los Angeles International Airport. The phased construction encompassed addition of over 230,000 square feet and remodel of 100,000 square feet for new handling and circulation area for cargo, 50,000 square feet of new office space and 20,000 square feet of aircraft and ground service equipment maintenance facilities. Included in this task were apron and taxiway paving, underground fuel systems, new ground power (400Hz) and distribution system, new non-polluting ramp lighting, demolition of the former FAA hangar and additions to other buildings as well as renovation of the existing warehouse, parking structure and major roadway and utility modifications. Parcels, documents and non-containerized freight are handled here at this mechanized Federal Express Southern California Hub.

Expand 16,000 volt utility substation for two (2) new 4,160 volt main services and two (2) new 4,000 amp, 480 volt distribution systems to accommodate new conveyor sort system and distribution facility. Lighting and ground power for new airplane parking, lighting voice/data, security, fire alarm and isolated ground power systems were added for the offices and distribution facilities.